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Presbyterian Villages of Michigan is committed to serving seniors and communities. It’s our goal to be a first-line provider of resources, including information. Aging should be an adventure, not a scary trip!

In the PVM Blog, the experts at PVM will regularly publish articles and information. Topics may range from smart ways to age in place in your long-time home, to tips on how to shop for a senior community. We will have articles on transportation, wellness, nutrition, technology, activities, outlook-on-life, and more.

Please let us know your ideas for topics and comments on our articles. We succeed as seniors in our community have the best Aging Adventure!

Executive Director of The Village of Westland

When The Village of Westland's Executive Director Roger Bushnell was looking for his next job, he prioritized organizations that embodied an inclusive and welcoming environment for the LGBTQ+ community.

“With aging, you earn the right to be loyal to yourself.”

– Frances McDormand, Actor and Producer

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Are you considering a move to a new place? Do you feel overwhelmed by clutter? Are you ready to make 2024’s Spring Cleaning the deepest yet? We asked professional organizer Janelle Azar for some guidance on how you can right-size your home.

PVM is pleased to announce some new exciting offerings and features for making the most of life! Our new magazine, Graceful Living, will offer information on beautiful and entertaining sites around the state of Michigan, tips for gardeners, events and news about PVM communities, recipes, recommended books for your reading pleasure and more. The new look mirrors what you would find from the best magazines and replaces our Outlook newsletter. If you have not received this publication you can sign up here.

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Today, Lynn Alexander is joined by Roger Myers, President & CEO of PVM, as well as Katie Sloan, President & CEO of LeadingAge.