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Presbyterian Villages of Michigan is committed to serving seniors and communities. It’s our goal to be a first-line provider of resources, including information. Aging should be an adventure, not a scary trip!

In the PVM Blog, the experts at PVM will regularly publish articles and information. Topics may range from smart ways to age in place in your long-time home, to tips on how to shop for a senior community. We will have articles on transportation, wellness, nutrition, technology, activities, outlook-on-life, and more.

You may have heard the term Games People Play. We have all dealt with game playing by others in our careers and in our lives. However, it also rears its ugly head with caregiving and often among family members. If you are the primary caregiver for a loved one you will feel the effects much more deeply than others. Here is what to watch out for and how to deal with it:

If you are among the 500,000 plus Americans who undergo open-heart surgery each year, then you have Dr. Daniel Hale Williams to thank for it. Defying conventional wisdom and against all odds, Dr. Williams successfully stitched together a tear in the heart lining of a young stabbing victim, which by today’s standards would be considered routine. What makes this operation remarkable is that it took place in 1893! Anesthetics were primitive, there were no antibiotics, and blood transfusion had yet to be perfected.

Once every ten years, the US Census Bureau does a complete population count, surveying every resident in the US. This count is mandated by the Constitution and requires reaching millions of households. Everyone who has established a residence in the US is counted, including individuals with work visas, international students, and unauthorized immigrants, but excluding temporary visitors such as tourists.

With the arrival of the New Year, like 100 million other Americans, you have probably made at least one New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, however, like most everyone else, by mid-April you will probably find that your resolutions are nothing but distant memories.  So, why is it that as easy as resolutions are to make, they seem to be even easier to break?

My name is Stacey Olson and I am the Director of Sales & Marketing at Vista Grande Villa. I love meeting new people, hearing their personal story, and helping them write the next chapter. My career is devoted to helping seniors find the right senior community and lifestyle.