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A new resident moves in without any furniture…

A resident without family needs someone to accompany them to a surgical procedure…

A resident’s food assistance was cut off or unexpectedly reduced…

What do these issues have in common? These all are situations that a PVM Service Coordinator helps residents overcome. While not all senior housing has a Service Coordinator, most PVM locations do provide this valuable service to residents as part of our mission to create new possibilities for the seniors that live here.

By getting to know the residents in our buildings, we can come alongside and help them not just exist in an apartment, but to create a plan to live their best lives now. How do we do that? We do this by addressing with the resident any chronic conditions they may want to manage better through targeted wellness programs. We connect residents with similar interests in an effort to foster social connections. We provide access to financial and home care resources that can help them stay independent longer. We provide a safe and confidential space to listen to their concerns and struggles during this isolating pandemic when they are separated from friends and family.

Recently, I sat with a resident who had brought me various technological devices, confused about how to attend a Zoom party that was being held for his grandson’s first birthday. We got him set up and he was able to participate. Not only did he participate in this one party, but he has reconnected with friends and family that he hasn’t been able to see in nearly a year. This has been amazing for his mental health and overall well-being.

There are many reasons that a person moves into senior housing. And people move here in various physical, mental, and spiritual conditions. Our job as PVM Service Coordinators is to make sure they have the resources and opportunities to thrive as they want to - body, mind, and spirit. That’s the PVM difference!