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We often talk about the importance of Service Excellence and the commitment that we have made to creating this culture throughout PVM. Recently I was made aware of a beautiful experience which was created by the team at The Village of East Harbor and the wife of a beloved resident, Papa Joe. He is a hospice resident who realized that he would not be here for the upcoming holidays and he was missing two very important life experiences. One was not being able to take his wife out to dinner. The other was not being able to make his “world famous banana cream pie” for his family which has been a tradition every holiday since his children were very young. He still keeps his secret recipe in his bedside table.

service excellence photoUpon hearing this the VEH team got to work including his wife, an independent living resident, as a part of this endeavor. The chef created a gourmet dinner for two with lava cake as dessert. Roses and music added to the romantic atmosphere. Since champagne was not on the menu, two colas were placed in a chilled ice bucket. Papa Joe and his wife ended the evening with a kiss. Many photos were taken which were immediately sent to their daughter and son. They in turn sent them along right away to the rest of the family. Now the search is on to find that banana pie recipe and make it one last time with Papa Joe at his bedside.

To me this experience exemplifies what Service Excellence is all about! All who had the privilege of being a part of this experience reported that their hearts were full. Mine is as well. I am so very proud of our team at The Village of East Harbor. It is clear that they deserve their 5 Star rating by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services.