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With the terrible cold and storms gripping our nation, I thought it is a good time to remind everyone of tips for surviving through the rest of winter:

In case of power outages keep a supply of water and canned food along with a non-electric can opener.

Have flashlights handy and check to make sure they have good batteries.

If you receive a weather alert regarding power outages fill your tub with water for washing up and to flush the toilet.

Make sure your cell phone is fully charged.

Faithfully wear your personal response pendant so you can get help even if your phone is not working.

Be sure to keep your room temperature no lower than 65 degrees. There have been many stories of folks trying to save money by turning their furnace down and ending up with hypothermia.

Ask for help. Do not try to shovel snow yourself. Ask family and friends to deliver groceries to you. In some cases it may make sense to stay with family if we are in the midst of a major winter storm.

Wishing all a safe end to winter. Spring will be here soon!