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We are hearing from residents, their caregivers and board members how pleased they are with the rollout of Covid vaccines. They are most appreciative. Tom Wyllie, PVM Director of Wellness and Innovation, and Katrina Summersett, Director of Risk Management and Corporate Compliance, along with home office staff and leadership at our communities, deserve our gratitude for making this happen. Tremendous advocacy and attention to detail played an important role.

Some folks are still a bit hesitant about receiving this vaccine. Yet many PVM residents have received vaccines in the past and are so pleased to receive it.

PVM President & CEO Roger Myers and our new PVM Board Chair Roshunda Price are paving the way to inspire others and showcasing their inoculations via video. They are joined by fellow board members and staff leadership to help allay fears. Check out the PVM website, Facebook and YouTube to view these.

Please keep in touch with your community’s staff if you have not yet received your shot. Many of our fellow citizens are feeling desperate to receive this blessing. Join with us in taking advantage of a groundbreaking privilege. Take Care and Stay Safe!