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One of the best gifts we can give ourselves and loved ones is to be prepared in case of any adverse events medically or cognitively.

If you do not have Power of Attorney on file others cannot make critical decisions for you. A Medical Power of Attorney allows your representative to make sure your wishes are followed with regard to medical care and procedures. Many folks do not realize the importance of these legal documents until they find themselves in a hospital or long-term care setting. At that point it becomes much more difficult to complete the paperwork because it requires verification by a notary public plus two witnesses, neither of which can be a relative or an employee of the location you find yourself in. If you suffer a cognitive decline it becomes even more difficult and involves court proceedings. Planning ahead is the name of the game here. Give one of the best gifts you or your loved ones will ever receive. 

Ms Alexander, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, is known as Your Aging Well Advisor. She has served as a Cabinet Official for Governor John Engler and has served on the Michigan Health Endowment Fund Board