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To our readers: If you are fed up with impossible to open packaging and voice mail purgatory (being placed on hold for an inordinate amount of time or being bounced from extension to extension) feel free to share this information with companies with which you do business.

To consumer products and services companies: After the fifth time in a day I have had difficulty opening a product package I am placing you on notice. From now on I will buy products which can be opened easily whenever possible. I will also use companies which treat my time with respect. To hear “Your business is very important to us.” for the eighth time while on hold for what seems like forever is not acceptable. 

In fact, I am very close to moving my funds from a major account at a well-known bank to another one which holds a lesser amount.

We are all familiar with staffing issues; yet this lack of customer service has been around for quite awhile. There are companies which have solved these packaging and customer service issues. They are the ones who will be receiving more and more of my business; and they are the ones who will thrive well into the future. 

Join me in my quest to place companies on notice that we will no longer stand still for ignoring our needs.