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I have always said that for every dollar we own there are a million bad guys lurking in the wings trying to steal it from us. As a state aging director I used to tell seniors that if someone is really a prince from a foreign land he did not need their money. Now with the internet and social media these disgusting scam artists have many more ways to steal not just our money but our future.

The Better Business Bureau reports: Even in these challenging times, the bad guys are after your money and doing it in a very coy way - through texts and e-mails as well as phone calls. They are even exploiting the Coronavirus to do their dirty deeds. Several of these ploys include offering to send a COVID-19 test to you for a fee and claiming fast results. They offer to do this on-line which is impossible to do. Always go through your physician to inquire about a test.

Another dangerous scam is a form which is being sent out via text messaging saying that it must be filled out and take a test to receive a stimulus check. Be aware that the government does not communicate with others in this fashion. Use trusted sources for gaining information. Do not reply to unsolicited calls, e-mails or texts. Be smart and savvy! Look out for the bad guys!