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I am asking all of our readers to help in getting rid of excessive use of voice mail by companies and organizations with which we all do business. The following comments are ones they need to know. If everyone takes surveys and writes letters expressing our dismay it could make a difference. Here are some of my comments to consider:


If every time I call your organization I hear the message “We are experiencing higher than normal call volumes” it no longer rings true. You probably need to hire more staff.
If I am relegated to waiting on hold and hear over and over again “Your call is very important to us” I stop believing that and also believing in you.
If I have to press more than three buttons to get to the place I need to get to chances are you need to rethink your phone navigation system.
Do not try to hide the extension which gets me to a real person buried underneath lots of other extensions. I will find it! Better yet, make it clear that a caller can press 0 to get to a real person.
There is a saying: “Happy wife, happy life!” It can also be said “Happy customers, happy organization”.  
Please join me in getting this message out to all. Thanks to our readers!