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Just when I thought unscrupulous scam artists had thought of everything already they now have come up with a new way to steal our identities and money! Many airline passengers were scammed recently when they were stranded by cancelled flights. As if that was not enough frustration for passengers they got to the lines to reschedule flights there were impossibly long waits.

Thus, some folks reverted to going onto Google and trying to rebook through their airline that way. The problem with that was they ended up on fake websites that look legitimate. One gentleman being interviewed saved himself just in time since he heard some red flags pop up during the conversation. He asked the supposed airline staffer how long his flight would take from Point A to Point B (knowing the correct answer all along) and the response given was totally inaccurate. That’s when he realized he had caught a scammer in the act! Since he had yet to give out his personal information he avoided a stolen identity situation.

What can we do about these scammers? Experts say do not go to sites in the internet. Call the number listed on your reservation or on the back of your credit card. Protect yourself from these scammers!