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Recently I heard several stories of seniors who tried to take care of tasks which were too strenuous and ended up harming themselves in the process with everything from hip to knee injuries and beyond. They play the game “I’d Rather Do It Myself”. That made me think that it is time to remind all of our readers of advice I have been dishing out for over 20 years! When I first started with this messaging seniors seemed to be much older than myself. Now this includes myself and my contemporaries. Ask loved ones and others for help if there is an object out of reach or if there are chores that may be beyond your capabilities these days. That includes indoor and outdoor tasks such as reaching to change a lightbulb up high or clearing debris from your backyard. My husband and I always say: “Call the guy”!

Also, do not fall into the trap of playing “I’ve Got A Secret”. Keep your loved ones informed as to what is going on with you. They cannot help you if they are kept in the dark. Be smart and savvy. Your quality of life depends on it.