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Watch It!  Learn It!  Make It!  Eat It!

March is national nutrition month and to help celebrate the occasion, Village of Oakland Woods Wellness Coordinator Joelle Baughman has created a unique program called “How ‘bout Lunch?”. Every two weeks, starting March 11 through April 8, Joelle invites you to join her for lunch. But there’s a catch! For each lunch date, there is a specific dish (and beverage) Joelle would like you to make.

To learn what each dish and beverage are visit the “How ‘bout Lunch?” website: https://howboutlunch.weebly.com. There you will find cooking videos featuring Joelle that not only show you how to make each dish and beverage, but also show you the ingredients and utensils you will need to make them. You can also download and print a list of the ingredients to use as a shopping list. Each dish is budget friendly, easy to make and of course healthy.

Ideally, for each date you plan to join Joelle for lunch, in the comfort & convenience of your own kitchen you will make the dish and beverage scheduled for that date, then via Zoom join Joelle for lunch and eat what you made. During lunch, you can share how easy or hard you thought it was to make and whether or not you actually liked it. You can also make suggestions for future videos.

Signing up is easy. Go to the “How ‘bout Lunch?” website, click the “Sign Up for Lunch” tab then enter the requested contact info for each lunch date you plan to attend. You will then receive an email with the Zoom link you will need to join that day’s lunch.

Whether or not you make each planned dish or beverage, Joelle would still like you to join her for lunch. There are plenty of things to talk about in addition to that day’s dish/beverage combo. She is looking forward to meeting new people and engaging in some hearty conversation. If you have any questions, please call her at (248) 334-4379 or send her an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..