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At times we all need the advice of experts. For seniors this is an opportune time to remember this. Fall not only brings out beautiful panoramas of fall colors, pumpkins and cider. It also attracts scam artists of all types. Do not respond to direct appeals by phone or mail. Unscrupulous people are standing in line to steal your money. Especially prevalent at this time of year are so-called contractors who will falsify needs that you could have for driveway and roof repair. Do not contract with anyone without seeking the advice of a trusted friend or family member.

Also, since we are moving into enrollment season for healthcare, scam artists will try to get your social security number, bank account information and other important data to create identity theft. You may have heard the phrase: “Better safe than sorry!”

Truer words were never spoken. Check with your PVM service coordinator or administrator. They can refer you to Medicare/Medicaid counselors whose services are free of charge.

Along with these seasonal scams, unfortunately on-going ones are still working. I just heard recently of another woman who was scammed into giving thousands of dollars away thinking she was helping her grandson who was in trouble. On the second attempt by the scam artists her instincts kicked in. She called her daughter to find out that her grandson was sitting right there with her daughter safe and sound! Keep in mind as well that banks will not be calling you and asking for private information to “protect” your account.

Be a safe and savvy senior and enjoy this beautiful fall season!