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As I write this the temperature is expected to reach 100 degrees today. This is just the beginning since a hot summer is on the horizon. Many thanks to the Detroit Housing Commission for sharing many of the following tips:

COOL YOUR BODY – Wet clothing to help bring down body temperature. Use water-soaked cloths or cooling packs on neck/wrists. Sit in or put legs in cool (not cold) bath.

HYDRATE – Drink water/cool liquids. Eat fresh fruit & salads. Drink before you feel thirsty.

REDUCE INDOOR HEAT – During the daytime cool living and working areas by closing windows and using window coverings, air conditioner and misters. If you do not have air conditioning stay with family or friends if possible or go to a cooling center. Your city and/or county government can direct you to a center near you.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR – If taking medications, ask your doctor’s office regarding special precautions. Also check out the recommended water intake. Some medical conditions may increase vulnerability during hot weather.

AVOID/LIMIT ALCOHOL & CAFFEINE – These can increase dehydration.

AVOID SUN EXPOSRUE – Wear a wide-brimmed, breathable hat or use an umbrella. Avoid/limit strenuous activities during the hottest part of the day. Find shade if you must be outside; and be sure to use sunscreen. However, it is best to avoid/limit doing so all together. Perhaps a friend or family member who is less vulnerable can run errands and do shopping for you.

PROTECT YOUR PETS – Provide shade and cool drinking water and baths. Never leave pets unattended in cars or direct sunlight. They probably want to be inside as well. Plan any outdoor activities during cooler times. Asphalt may be too hot for paws.

CHECK ON OTHERS – Check in on family members and friends. Share these tips with them as well.

Enjoy the summer! Let’s be smart and savvy to make it the best of times.