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All too often I hear terrible stories of how a senior has been exploited, sometimes by total strangers and sometimes by relatives, even their own children! So I decided it is time to review some tips for protecting oneself from a potential tragedy. Here are some tips recommended by the Michigan Attorney General’s Office:

Be alert to individuals who seem extremely interested in your personal finances.

Do not turn over your checkbook or any other financial affairs to another person unless you have established trust in them. Even so, it is good if possible to have two parties so there are checks and balances. Whenever possible these two parties should be a family member or close friend/ advisor of many years.

Protect important information, such as your social security number and medical information.

Do not give out personal information over the phone or take unsolicited phone calls.

Be aware that fraudsters may have set up a fake website while pretending to be a reputable agency or company. Always call the organization directly rather than taking someone’s word for it.

Do not respond to solicitations on the internet. Scammers come from all countries. If someone is really a prince or coming into huge sums of money they do not need your help!

And, most of all, remember: IF IT SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT IS!

Be smart! Be savvy!