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Known for new beginnings, August has historically been the month we transition from summer to fall at month’s end. This year summer has been quite strange as we continue to follow guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID. It is frustrating for certain. All of us are beginning to feel a bit restless. PVM staff is doing all we can to help get us through this next stage and onto better times.

We are beginning to do more outdoor visits and activities and seeking out resources such as plexi-glass partitions to help us all stay safe.  One of the toughest things for many of us as parents, grandparents or aunts and uncles is not being able to spend time with our loved ones. Here are some ideas for how to remain close even though we are physically distant. Think about the talents you and loved ones possess and ramp it up!

  • Work on creating a poem with other family members.
  • Do a joint project on genealogy and trace your family background.
  • Have a remote tea party with a young female relative.
  • Read each other stories.
  • Send a coloring page to them and ask them to color it in, autograph it and send it back to you. Many newspapers and magazine include them.
  • Work on a crossword puzzle together. You will have double the chance to succeed!
  • Share family stories. Ask a family member to record your conversation and send the tape back to you.
  • Ask young students to share one interesting learning they have had whether doing in-class instruction or home instruction.
  • Send photos and e-mails to loved ones who cannot get out. There are many options for devices. My mom has a Grandpad which is quite easy for her to use.

If your loved one does not have an ipad, Grandpad, etc. this would be an excellent gift for them. Being connected across generations is extremely important for the psyche of all ages! Remember, this too shall pass!

Governor Whitmer has now extended the visitation restrictions until August 31st; but our Return to Normalcy Task Force continues work on finding creative ways to keep everyone engaged and allow for visits within the guidelines along with outdoor activities. Stay Safe and Stay Strong!