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Time plays tricks on us! It seems like it was yesterday when we learned to drive, attended our prom and graduated from high school. Now many of us are taking photos of our grandchildren experiencing these life moments. There comes a time when we look in the mirror sideways and say: “What the heck happened?” As Diane Sawyer once stated: “Inside every older person is a very surprised young person!” The good news is that we can get revenge on Father Time by Aging Well.

Now I am not saying the everyone needs to be a marathon runner in their nineties to Age Well. That may work well for some but not for others. Even folks with chronic conditions can be engaged in life and live the best life they can. It is interesting that the word Age starts with an A since attitude plays a key role in how we age. In fact, I have known some forty somethings who seem much “older” in their thinking than some eighty or ninety year olds. Following along the word Age as an acronym, the G can stand for Genetics. We know that does play a role, but not as much as you might think. No one gets four aces in the deck. Almost everyone has some chronic health issues in their family background. However, lifestyle in terms of exercise, stress management and healthy eating habits can help to offset vulnerability. Many PVM residents have become involved in our Wellness programs and lost weight in addition to improving their overall health. Check out the PVM Foundation website to read about some amazing transformations.

The premiere Wellness event at PVM is the Village Victory Cup (VVC) We are so pleased that it is coming back as an in-person event on October 7th, 2022. After holding the VVC remotely for several years, our Village teams have been clamoring for this. It is inspiring to see residents doing fast walking, balloon volleyball, putting a puzzle together within minutes as a team and many other events. Many residents, staff members and volunteers state that this is their favorite day at PVM. If you want to see Aging Well in action this is the place to be!

The Village Victory Cup also exemplifies the third letter in Age – E. Experts have long noted that being engaged in life and with others is one of the main determinants for longevity and living the best life. So let’s all play tricks back on Father Time and be fully engaged with life. There are many ways to do so at PVM. They say that it’s not how many breaths in life you take but rather how many moments there are that take your breath away. Wishing all many of these moments! Aging Well is the best revenge after all….