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How exciting it is to report that a major magazine is echoing my message of many years. The term anti-aging is out, and the notion of aging well is in! Allure Magazine has announced in its latest issue that they are making a resolution to stop using the term anti-aging. They state, "changing the way we think about aging starts with changing the way we talk about aging."


I have said that embracing aging is the way to go. Denying anything about ourselves is a futile task. Ponce de Leon never found that Fountain of Youth, and never will we.

Of course we want to be our best, but obsessing over age robs us of the joy in life. And as they say, it beats the alternative! Now is the time to enjoy every moment and rejoice in our longevity as well as second chances, creating a legacy and appreciating all that has been given to us. Enjoy life!