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As part of PVM’s organization-wide celebration of 70 years serving Michigan seniors, the Sales and Marketing Department was proud to launch the first official PVM web store on our website at the beginning of the second quarter. This web store allows residents, board members, staff, and families throughout the PVM network to select and purchase various items of clothing and unique accessories branded with the village logo of their choosing, or the newly designed PVM 70th anniversary logo. Available garments include dress shirts (for men and women), golf polos, caps, jackets, and t-shirts as well as other fun and useful accessories. Seasonal updates to the store are also planned, with different weather and holiday-related items available for limited periods throughout the year. In addition to the logo of their choosing, customers also have the option of having the PVM web address embroidered on any item they purchase at the time of checkout.

Generously funded by a grant from the PVM Foundation, the goal of the web store is to offer apparel and accessories that not only answer the numerous calls from residents and staff for PVM-related wearables, but to also help spread awareness of PVM anywhere it might be worn or featured. All monies exchanged through the store will go to supporting the continued evolution and upkeep of the apparel store, and to the purchasing of stock to fill future orders.

Now is the time to show your PVM pride! Join us in celebrating our 70th Anniversary by stopping by pvmstore.org and shopping the web store today!